The Hiar Homes Difference

The Hiar Home Guarantee:
We are proud to stand behind our materials and craftsmanship. So much so, that we encourage six month and one year re-visits to ensure you're happy.

Environmental Stewardship:
All demolished materials are hand sorted and delivered to charitable organizations for reuse or to the proper recyclers.

Personal Attention:
From your first consultation to final completion, you’ll be dealing with the same person. There are no handoffs from sales to design to buyer to trade after trade. One guy. Your guy.

Singular Accountability:
One person is accountable, and that’s the boss. You’ll get to know him well because he’ll be on-site almost every day. And if something still goes wrong, that’s on him – and he’ll make it right.

Everything in Writing:
Surprises are for birthday parties, not home renovations. All of your selections, all of the costs, every detail is written down. If you want to make a change, or if we recommend a change, we’ll agree to that in writing too.

Pay as You Go:
You pay for what you get when you get it. There are no huge deposits. When the new flooring is installed, you pay for the flooring. When the kitchen is completed, you pay for the kitchen.

No Supplier Incentives:
We buy from the supplier who offers the best price on what you’ve selected. We won’t try steering you towards one or the other for our own gain.

Pros All the Way:
We will never try to cut costs by hiring someone who isn’t a professional. Our team members are experts in their various trades, licensed, insured, and highly experienced.

Value Pricing:
We’ve found ways to keep our overhead costs low and our teams efficient. Those savings are passed along to our clients. You’ll find your estimate very (very!) competitive.


Dave & Cindy
Pat & Vivien
Todd & Amy
John’s work is beyond reproach. We had a huge leak in our basement and he fixed it and helped us renovate the whole room. Punctual, respectful and precise!
Our job was so small no one would look at it. But, it was big to us. John took care of it when no one else would.
Hi John, Thanks very much for keeping your billing so organized and easy to understand. Thanks again for your excellent work. Your detailed plan, schedule and over-all service were excellent. We very much appreciated how you kept the project on schedule and close to our cost expectations. Fell free to use us as a reference for future clients. We love the bathroom!
This Christmas in our new kitchen made us so grateful we chose you. There were lots of challenges and some changes and looking back we can’t imagine how we would have done it without your expertise, patience and empathy. You answered every question we had and when you couldn’t you had one of your experts call us with solutions. Thank you!

About Us

Our construction management professionals organize, lead and manage the people, materials and processes of home improvements and renovations.