Bathrooms may well be the most frequently used and multifunctional spaces in a home. From bathing the dog to getting made-up for a gala, a bathroom works best when it’s designed just for you.

Maybe it’s the powder room used by guests that just never sparkles anymore; or the big old Jacuzzi tub that takes an hour to fill; or the bathroom that the kids share that only has one drawer – you can build a better bathroom!

Bathrooms renovations are one of our specialties, and we will gladly walk you through the planning process, including the selection of cabinets, fixtures and colour schemes.

During construction, Hiar Homes owner and manager, John Lopez, will keep a watchful eye on progress, making sure that the job is done right, and stays on track. There will be no surprises and you’ll never be charged more than agreed.

So whether you want a tub for the rubber ducks or a relaxing in-home spa, get the project started with a simple phone call to 604-551-8907.

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Dave & Cindy
Pat & Vivien
Todd & Amy
John’s work is beyond reproach. We had a huge leak in our basement and he fixed it and helped us renovate the whole room. Punctual, respectful and precise!
Our job was so small no one would look at it. But, it was big to us. John took care of it when no one else would.
Hi John, Thanks very much for keeping your billing so organized and easy to understand. Thanks again for your excellent work. Your detailed plan, schedule and over-all service were excellent. We very much appreciated how you kept the project on schedule and close to our cost expectations. Fell free to use us as a reference for future clients. We love the bathroom!
This Christmas in our new kitchen made us so grateful we chose you. There were lots of challenges and some changes and looking back we can’t imagine how we would have done it without your expertise, patience and empathy. You answered every question we had and when you couldn’t you had one of your experts call us with solutions. Thank you!

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